Ignite Leadership Podcast – Brigitta Glick

Ignite Leadership Podcast – Brigitta Glick

Why you should take bold action toward your big dreams

Brigitta Glick has over 20 years of leadership experience in healthcare and currently serves as Founder and CEO of Provenir Healthcare, which she launched in Chicago in 1995, and brought back to her native San Antonio in 2008.
Through Provenir, she works with clients across the country to address clinical and operational needs. She is a member of the Career Advisory Council for the UT Health Science Center, a board member and Education Committee Chairman of the National Association of Physician Recruiters, and a former chapter president of the Healthcare Businesswomen Association.
Brigitta and her husband Gary have a daughter attending law school at Lewis and Clark, and a son attending Baylor University.

Show Notes

  • A huge motivating factor for Brigitta when she first opened Provenir was being able to have a thriving company and a thriving family life - she started by hiring primarily women and allowing for the prioritization of family life, long before it was typical to enjoy the flexibility many of us have today.


  • Brigitta is extremely passionate about an organization in San Antonia called Health Cell, which allows many of the healthcare organizations in San Antonio to collaborate, learn from each other, and grow together. It's allowed for the symbiosis of military medicine, life sciences, biomedical companies, and more, to allow each industry to grow.


  • She'll tell anyone who'll listen (especially young people) to speak up, let her know what opportunity excites them, and as a leader, it's so important for her to help her team prepare for whatever opportunity is next for them. There's huge value in speaking goals and dreams into existence.

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