Followell Leadership Series

This is your opportunity to invest in your team! There is no limit to how many of your organization’s leaders you want to include in the training.  Join us monthly for an interactive mentoring/teaching webinar where we explore topics on becoming a more effective servant leader. Application exercises are provided each month to further personal reflection and/or group interactions.

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What’s your style?

Understanding the power of personality, yours and others, is the key to unlocking exceptional communication. This personal growth investment includes the Maxwell DISC assessment and 1-hour review with Rob, a John Maxwell DISC Certified Consultant.

Is your fear of public speaking holding you back?

Come to the mic with confidence!

Does just the thought of speaking in front of any size group make you weak in the knees? Or, are you looking for the perfect resource to help you better prepare for your speaking opportunities? This series will walk you through seven strategies to overcome your fears and prepare each step of the way.

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Mastermind Series

Have you reached your full potential?

Do you have a group you would like to do a Mastermind Series with, or are you interested in joining a group?

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