Ignite Leadership Podcast – Foster Expose

Ignite Leadership Podcast – Foster Expose

Why Honesty and Integrity are at the Heart of Servant Leadership

Dr. Foster Expose, Jr. is the head of physician leadership development @ UC Health.

Has been a valuable asset working for various organizations and health systems across the nation. He has facilitated over 50,000 leadership training hours on topics like organizational culture, emotional intelligence, psychology of teams, communication strategies, and workplace conflict. He has led change initiatives for Fortune 500 companies and coached nearly 200 physician and administrative executive leaders.
While working in healthcare since 2014, Foster has led the creation and delivery of 18 leadership programs for administrative and physician leaders, across corporate entities, Children’s Health Systems of Texas, UAB Medicine, and MD Anderson Cancer Center.
Demonstrating a servant heart and true desire to help others, Foster coaches and advises physicians from a place of authenticity with deep expertise in organizational and human performance, he leverages brain science to enhance organizational effectiveness and influence change in his work with teams and physician leaders.
As an international speaker and leadership expert, Dr. Expose serves as the president and Chief Learning Officer for Men of Color Leadership Conference, an annual leadership conference he holds under his Black Eagle Productions. With his success as an organizational and industrial psychologist, he’s counted in the elite group of the to 10% of his profession.

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  1. Thank you, Foster and Rob. I enjoyed your conversation very much.

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