Ignite Leadership Podcast – Tushar Vakil

Ignite Leadership Podcast – Tushar Vakil

Why Leadership Development is the Best Force for Positive Change

Tushar Vakil is one of the Top 100 Most Influential Thought Leaders to follow in 2021.

He's certified as a Leadership Coach by Marshall Goldsmith, the world's number one leadership development thinker. Tushar believes leadership affects every type of organization and is passionate about impacting organizations and society positively through leadership.

He's served in the US, the Middle East, and India and has individually coached more than 300 individual leaders around the world.


Tushar says that when leaders are more self-aware, they can lead with more impact.

Though he currently serves as the CEO of New Age Leadership, he came to leadership in a roundabout way. After receiving a Masters Degree in Engineering, he entered the business world, but was always interested in reading and personal development.

He realized that simply giving people advice wasn't making a difference, so he became certified in helping others reach for their own potential and has found work that he both excels in and is passionate about. He believes that building leaders is the best way to make impactful change in society at large.

He models his leadership style on the leaders who have made the most impact on his own life - how they made him feel, what they brought out in him, and how they affected his self-esteem.

He believes that people deserve to go to work where they are respected, valued, and where they can contribute to the greater good. Across all generations and despite the differences between what leadership looked like in the past and what it looks like today, there are a few constants:

  1. Give people the opportunity to meet their own potential. Support them as they grow.
  2. Don't act like you have all the answers - you don't have to be the hero; you're more effective when you serve as a guide or a facilitator.
  3. Accept that you can't change the past. Own your mistakes and move forward, better today than you were yesterday.

Most leaders are achievement-oriented - they love goals and getting thing done. When you empower the people around you to move forward without getting hung up on the things that have happened in the past, you can create meaningful change in the entire organization.

If that's the kind of change you're looking to create in your organization and you're ready to put your best foot forward as a leader, we should talk. Book a free Discovery Call with me and see why leaders in organizations of all sizes and across every industry trust The Followell Company to help them build powerful, effective organizations.

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