Ignite Leadership Podcast – Don Gibson

Ignite Leadership Podcast – Don Gibson

Followell Ignite Leadership - Don Gibson

How to Use the Power of Networking to Get Ahead

In this episode of the Ignite Leadership Podcast, I interview Don Gibson.

Don is a seasoned former medical researcher, healthcare executive, and professional association administrator.

He currently provides advanced educational and networking opportunities and mentoring, based on his history of helping organizations develop new and innovative strategies. He advises his clients how to manage their career destinies, bring out the best in their own personal capabilities, as well as strengthen their own motivation and leadership attributes.

Don's career philosophy is Network or Not Work!

His strategies and guidance help leaders reach new levels of advanced knowledge and moves them closer to their desired results.

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Through his company, Quantum Leadership Inc., Don and his team offer specialized personal support in the areas of personal development, strategic career management, performance coaching for both life and business, and webinars to develop leadership skills.

Don believes that if people in an organization are not committed to the change process and are not trusting of management, meaningful and lasting change will almost never occur. For that reason, he recommends a top-to-bottom approach involving not only senior leadership, but middle management and staff as well.

He says that it’s one thing to have a goal (of any type). It’s quite another to take action on a specific goal.

Most of us have been guilty, at one time or another, of saying that we are going to do this and that, but, in reality, many of us tend to make excuses and the goal remains unaccomplished.

Some specific goals that Don's company has provided that they can help leaders work toward are:

The following are some examples of personal goals that you may want to place a check mark by (to begin helping you define your specific goals), if they represent what you would like to successfully accomplish to enhance your life and your career:

  1. Identify what I would really need to do to achieve success and happiness
  2. Secure a job or transition to another job (How I can be effectively prepared!)
  3. Develop a mindset to continuously self-improve
  4. Improve on self-awareness (identify my personal weaknesses and learn steps to improve on those shortcomings)
  5. Improve my professional development to demonstrate increased competence in a chosen line of work
  6. Learn how to enjoy life more, minimize stress, be the kind of person others like to be around
  7. Do a better job of taking care of me
  8. Condition myself to be more patient and sensitive to others
  9. Learn how to eliminate the fear of failure (which will most likely be a detriment to progress) that interferes with my going forward
  10. Set personal boundaries with people who tend to take advantage of my vulnerability
  11. Know how to genuinely communicate more effectively with people in conflict situations rather than being passive to avoid conflict
  12. Become more resilient to life challenges
  13. Focus more on providing solutions and less on complaining about problems (which could be better viewed as unresolved opportunities)
  14. Learn how to be more effective in helping my boss to be more successful
  15. Ensure my job skills are in alignment with my organization’s needs
  16. Improve my people management skills

The truth is that no matter what leadership skills you're trying to develop, in yourself or in your team, having a partner come alongside you can be invaluable.

As you think back on the challenges you've faced as a leader - team challenges as well as individual ones - reflect on what it would have meant to you to have a trusted advisor to lean on for support.

At The Followell Company, that's exactly what we do. Our coaching, mentorship, and training services give leaders access to decades of experience so that they're able to navigate the pitfalls that come with leadership at any level.

With that level of support on both an individual and a team basis, your organization - from the leaders all the way down - will be able to navigate any challenges that come your way.

Like Don says, building relationships and connections in your network is critical to your success. If you'd like to see why organizations across the country trust The Followell Company to support their journey to a stronger, more impactful organization, book a free strategy session with us today.

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